Every minute, our landfills can capture over 8,000,000 BTUs of gas. Safe, secure, and low carbon disposal facilities are an essential part of our full suite of Resource Solutions.

For discarded materials that cannot be renewed, our modern landfill facilities are well-designed, well-run, and well-equipped to provide environmentally safe and secure disposal. Across the northeast, we operate nine municipal solid waste landfills and one construction debris landfill. We design, build, and operate these facilities to minimize the impact of non-recycled solid waste on the environment, both locally and globally.

Landfill Operations and Emission Reductions

Since our last report, we have continued to invest in the environmental protection systems at our landfills. From 2014 to 2017, we added a net increase of 40 acres of landfill liner, 178 new gas collectors (including horizontal lines and vertical wells), and 41 acres of landfill cap. We invest annually in the upkeep of our gas collection systems.

As a result of these investments, we continue to reduce emission rates at our landfills. Between 2010 and 2017, we reduced our greenhouse gas emission rate from 245 down to 131 kilograms per ton disposed. This is a 46% reduction in the rate of emissions from our landfills.

Landfill GHG Emission Rate
(kgCO2e/ton disposed)
Landfill Gas to Energy

Our landfill gas collection systems are designed to actively extract gas to power landfill gas to energy plants, producing clean electricity and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Within our model, landfill sites become environmental campuses where resources are extracted from all aspects of the waste stream.

Here's a quick look at how landfill gas to energy is produced...

Sustainable Environmental & Economic Development (SEED™)
Our landfills serve as economic engines for the communities that host them, and they are sites of environmental innovation. We call this concept Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development (SEED).

Each year, we contribute to municipal budgets through host community fees and local taxes. In addition, we aspire to develop our landfill sites into a multi-use SEED park, with a mix of recycling and renewable energy infrastructure adapted to each location. These facilities benefit the environment and provide economic value in the form of local jobs and revenue.

Our SEED park vision has been making strides. With our new SEED Challenge program, we will be deploying several smaller-scale projects that advance renewable energy, recycling, and community engagement initiatives at our facilities. Examples include a community orchard and outdoor classroom in Coventry, VT and a pollinator education site in Chemung County, NY.

CASE STUDY: Juniper Ridge Landfill Open House
Across the country, most people have no idea where their waste goes. We are working to change that. In West Old Town, Maine, our neighbors flock to their local landfill to attend our annual open house.

The 2018 event attracted over 1,000 visitors, who were treated to a full facility tour, a scale model of the liner system, and the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the operation. They saw the site's innovative landfill-gas-fueled maple sugar shack and their beautiful pollinator research garden. Visitors also enjoyed lawn games, a bounce house, delicious barbecue, and educational booths.

Our open house events are a fun, family-friendly way for the community to learn what happens to their waste. This awareness helps to build mutual trust, communication, and ongoing thoughtful discussion about the future of solid waste management in our communities.

Putting the Pieces Together
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