Our Operations
The dots on this map represent the facilities we own and/or operate. The LFGTE plants shown in NY and VT are owned/operated by partners and they receive gas from our operations. We have a small ownership stake in the two organics facilities shown in MA. The shaded areas indicate our collection service territory.
Sustainability in our Fleet and Facilities

To deliver valuable resource management services to our customers, we run over 500 front-line vehicles and operate over 100 facilities, including maintenance shops, transfer stations, recycling facilities, organics processing facilities, and solid waste landfills. These facilities provide important environmental benefits, but they also consume resources and contribute to our carbon footprint.

Whereas the previous section discussed the ways we partner with our customers to advance resource renewal, this section will discuss the steps we are taking to understand and improve the resource impacts of our own operations.

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Our comprehensive Resource Solutions enable us to apply our knowledge and experience in recycling, collection, organics, energy and landfills to create economic and environmental value for our customers and our communities. Click here to download the PDF version of our 2018 Sustainability Report
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