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We believe that our greatest sustainability impacts come through our collaborations with customers. In the pages that follow, we describe each of our services, which we call Resource Solutions, and we provide case studies to illustrate the ways our customers use our services to achieve their resource renewal goals.

A recurring theme of this section is change. Our customers' goals, processes, and supply chains will always be changing. Markets, policies, technologies, culture, and infrastructure will always be changing too. Against this backdrop, our Resource Solutions will never be static; they should always be adapting and evolving. To this end, we are increasingly focused on approaches that are flexible, modular, and distributed.

Our customers have myriad goals for their solid waste streams, and they call upon us to find solutions that provide multiple benefits: reducing waste, cutting carbon, closing resource loops, building the regional economy, supporting the community, creating supply chain value, and more.

Our Resource Solutions are now capturing over a million tons per year of solid waste from the disposal stream. We are proud of this milestone, but we know that this reflects only one of our customers' many important goals. So, although tonnage will continue to be a metric we track, it cannot be our only metric. As we develop and deliver services for our customers, our focus will be on practical solutions that create multiple forms of value for our customers. These are true Resource Solutions.

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Capturing value from waste through innovative resource solutions.
Our comprehensive Resource Solutions enable us to apply our knowledge and experience in recycling, collection, organics, energy and landfills to create economic and environmental value for our customers and our communities. Click here to download the PDF version of our 2018 Sustainability Report
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