Celebrating Casella Super Fans

Casella Super Fan boxes foster meaningful connections between local area drivers and the communities in which they serve.
October 29, 2021


  • Celebrating Casella Super Fans
Driver Paula Stagnitto surprises Grant and sister with a Casella Super Fan Box.

Three-year-old Grant was met with a heartfelt surprise when his favorite long-time Casella driver Paula Stagnitto of Rochester, NY pulled up on her route with a unique gift. Filled with custom, branded goodies, Grant was the first official recipient of a Casella Super Fan Box, designed to further foster meaningful connections between our Casella team members and the customers they serve.

The Super Fan Box began as a passion project created through the joint effort of the Casella Care Team and local divisions. The concept allows drivers, and other Casella team members, to provide exclusive merchandise to young fans along their routes or travels.

For many young children, their local driver provides a regular sense of joy and an example of hard work and dedication.

Casella Super Fan Box“Our core values at Casella are centered around teamwork, integrity, service, and our responsibility to be an active member of the community, all of which are represented through this project,” said Christine Parry, adding that the initial idea stemmed from an outpouring of community requests for beloved drivers to participate in birthday parties and drive-by celebration parades for young children during the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is an amazing way for our drivers to build genuine relationships with their customers and show appreciation and love to their little fans.”

Each box includes a child-size Casella baseball hat and safety vest, along with a toy recycling container, matchbox garbage truck, coloring book, and set of crayons.

Since the initial launch in early Summer 2021, the Super Fan boxes have taken on a life of their own spreading good cheer and the Casella brand both far and wide. From birthday parties and playdates to friendly random acts of kindness, more than 140 boxes have been ordered and delivered by various divisions within the company footprint.

“Especially during the pandemic, I think everyone should get to smile and be happy, even if it’s for a brief moment. The Super Fan boxes help us connect with more customers and bring a bigger smile to the kids,” explained Plattsburgh, NY driver Jason Bushey. “That memory will last a lifetime.”