Six Tips For Sidekicks

Like every hero, frontline champions need great sidekicks! Here’s how you can help keep them safe!


  • Six Tips For Sidekicks

Frontline workers in the waste and recycling industry are essential to ensuring the health and safety of our communities.

Waste and Recycling industry publication, Waste 360, has dubbed them #EverydayHeroes and frankly, we couldn’t agree more

Many of our customers have asked, “how can we help ensure THEIR safety as they help to ensure ours?”

Well, like every hero, these frontline champions need great sidekicks! Here’s a quick list to help keep them safe: 

  1. Bag your trash and tie your bags tightly. 
    By bagging your trash, you can help to keep your waste contained as our drivers dump your bins into their trucks. Loose trash can turn into litter—either at the curb or at the landfill—and someone has to pick it up. We’re trying to limit as much direct contact with other people as possible just like you, so bag it up, tie it up, and keep your drivers and helpers safe.
  2. Keep your recyclables loose – don't bag them up.
    Recyclables should never be bagged. Dump them loose into your bin so our recycling team can see the items and sort them safely and properly at the recycling facility. 
  3. When in doubt, throw it out.
    Now is no time to wish-cycle. We all know to reduce, reuse, and recycle but you should also remember – when in doubt, throw it out. Review your list of acceptable recyclables, and place only those items in your recycling bins. Together, we can Recycle Better
  4. Batteries, gloves, masks, and other single-use items don’t belong.
    Batteries can cause fires on the trucks and in our processing facilities, keep them out of your regular trash and your recycling bins. With the increased use of protective gloves, masks, and other single-use personal protective equipment now is also a good time to remember that they belong in your trash, not your recycling. 
  5. Slow down to get around.
    When your driver is servicing your neighborhood, they have their safety and the health and safety of everyone around them on their minds. Please look out for them and slow down before you pull out to pass their truck. And we love our little Casella fans just as much as you do, but now that they are all home during your scheduled pick-up time, please make sure they do not approach the truck while it is operating.
  6. Make your bins accessible and safe. 
    You can make your driver’s job safer and easier by placing your bin properly at the curb and ensuring that all waste is fully contained in your bin and the cover can close.  

We welcome your input throughout this process. Let us know how you’re being a great sidekick and join the conversation on our social media channels. 

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