BioMix Manufactured Topsoil


  • BioMix Manufactured Topsoil

BioMix is a manufactured topsoil designed and engineered using recycled residuals. By creating a topsoil from residuals, we can avoid the use of virgin materials and at the same time find beneficial uses for materials that might otherwise be wasted. In addition to being environmentally preferable, BioMix topsoils typically lower cost with similar, if not better, performance characteristics. The finished custom mix (typically containing short paper fiber, compost, and sand) can be used to reclaim sites and close landfills. It is erosion resistant, makes sandy soils fertile, and returns nutrients and organic matter to compromised sites. We can work closely with engineers and contractors to provide specifications, product, and onsite technical assistance for the use of BioMix. The science behind the product and the real-life experience we have with its use (we've closed hundreds of landfills with BioMix and reclaimed acres of farmland) is a testament to how practical and effective it can be. Our product was recently featured in a news story about a Gravel Pit Reclamation in Spencer, MA.