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Public Works Departments

Front end loader at work

Public works departments face many waste management and landscaping challenges.  Typical waste responsibilities may include: greenwaste composting, wastewater biosolids treatment, compost removal & distribution, recycling and landfill operations and landfill closures.  Landscaping objectives often include maintaining parks and sports fields, roadside landscaping, erosion control and landscaping on new construction.

Our specialized services for public works departments include:

  • Professional contract landfill operations and closures
  • Contract operations of municipal compost facilities
  • Compost analysis, distribution and marketing services
  • Removal of sewage sludge (biosolids) for recycling or disposal

We can also assist with public landscaping responsibilities by providing:

  • Compost for use on athletic fields, golf courses, etc.
  • Erosion Control Mix for slope stabilization
  • Trail Mulch for walking paths, parks and hiking trails
  • Biofilter/odor control media
  • Landfill daily cover/shaping material
  • Wood Ash for compost bulking and odor control
  • Ornamental landscape mulch