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  • BioMix Manufactured Topsoil

BioMix Manufactured Topsoil

BioMix is a manufactured topsoil that is highly resistant to erosion. BioMix ingredients are Fiberlime (short paper fiber), compost, and a mineral base soil - most of which we source from residual streams that would otherwise go to waste. Most cost-effective is when an end user can provide a suitable base soil (mineral sand or a low quality loam), then we provide the Fiberlime and compost, recipe blend recommendations, and technical assistance to mix the blend onsite.


BioMix has been used to stabilize soils and establish grass cover on over 100 construction sites since 1990. We are so confident that BioMix will work on your site, that we offer a written grass growth guarantee!

  • Because of the fibrous nature of Fiberlime, BioMix is stable on slopes (even before seed germination!), and will outperform native loam on steep slopes and heavy rains.
  • In most instances, we can easily beat the cost of an equal quantity of native loam.
  • Since BioMix is made from residuals, it is a form of recycling that preserves virgin materials and prevents unsustainable practices such as topsoil mining.

Best Practices:

BioMix is easily created by mixing using conventional construction equipment.  Casella Organics' soil specialists provide a simple bucket to bucket mixing recipe and are onsite to provide oversight and to help maximize efficiency.