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Athletic Fields

Athletic field
Athletic Fields
Working together with Athletic Fields to provide better solutions

Since 1990, Earthlife products have been selected by turf managers to construct and maintain top  notch athletic fields.   Earthlife Compost, Earthlife Fertilizer and Super-Peat are ideally suited for use on athletic fields as they optimize the physical, biological and nutrient properties of soil.  With 100 athletic fields constructed with Earthlife product, we are the professional's choice.  

Our project managers are available to provide technical assistance regarding organic matter specifications, blending methods, application rates and soil testing.

The Grass is Greener on Our Side
loading fertilizer for spreading
Biosolids pellets are becoming the fertilizer of choice for commercial Turf growers throughout New England. With their slow release properties, they provide a consistent feeding of the turf through all phases of growth through to harvest AND minimize environmental run-off at a great price.