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South Burlington, VT - Class A Biosolids

South Burlington Class A Biosolids is produced using a unique two-phase anaerobic digestion system. This innovative process separates the acid and methane digestion phases increasing the efficiency of both, and adds high temperatures to produce a Class A product, which can be land applied without restriction according to EPA’s 40 CFR Part 503 regulations. The biosolids is heated as it passes through a heat recovery exchanger and then enters a thermophilic digester where it is held for two days and reaches temperatures of 55ºC. The biosolids then goes through a heat recovery exchanger to cool the biosolids and recover the heat. The cooled biosolids is pumped into a thermophilic digester for ten days, where volatile solids are reduced and gas is produced. The result is a Class A Biosolids which meets quality requirements for land application.



Agriculture: South Burlington Class A Biosolids serves to improve soil nutrient and organic matter levels and is ideal for use on hay and corn.

Best Practices:

Corn (incorporation) 21.5 tons/acre*  Based on 150 lbs of plant available N per acre.

Hay (topdressing) 4 tons/acre*  Based on 28 lbs of plant available N per acre.

*application rate based on first year usage.

Actual application rate should be based on soil analyses and crop to be grown.