Resource Solutions: Bringing it all Together
Our resource solutions approach focuses on delivering value to large and complex organizations such as universities, hospitals, manufacturers, and municipalities.

Resource management (RM) practices have been widely adopted for years in the industrial sector, driven by cost savings, lean manufacturing, and sustainability goals. Casella leverages these best practices and lessons learned to deliver valuable solutions to customers in the many markets that we serve.

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all program, we create tailored solutions to suit the unique needs of each customer. Our methodical Resource Solutions approach applies our knowledge and experience in recycling, collection, organics, energy and landfills to deliver measurable economic and environmental return for our customers.

This professional services approach is in contrast to traditional waste management and is designed to deliver operational efficiencies, resource conservation and other forms of value.

The Resource Solutions Approach
Holistic Strategy
Recognizing that most of our customers' waste-related costs are incurred before the material becomes waste, we seek value from the "point of generation" all the way through to end processing or disposal.
Re-thinking Waste
We apply the science of resource management to help customers adjust their waste streams in ways that make them suitable for higher and better uses. This includes re-designing products to enhance their recyclability or eliminating toxic substances so waste streams can be redirected to beneficial uses or low emission landfills.
Evaluation and Baseline
We inventory each new customer's existing services, equipment, and volumes. This provides a baseline against which to measure progress, and suggests areas to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and create value.
Education, Training and Marketing
We engage internal and external stakeholders in outreach programs to drive behavioral change.
Technology and Innovation Programs
We leverage new and existing technologies, as well as innovative RM programs, to reduce disposal volumes and create value.
Strategic Sourcing and Third Party Management Services
We work with hundreds of qualified environmental service providers across the US to deliver a wide range of environmental services.
Dedicated Customer Service and Support
Our central support team provides customized and direct customer service to thousands of locations serviced across most of the US.
Supporting Current Infrastructure and Initiatives
We work closely with existing recycling and diversion programs to support and build their success.
Focus on Health and Safety
A focus on health and safety complements our customer initiatives.
On-Site Personnel and Equipment
We strategically deploy on-site management and operating staff to act as an extension of our customers' environmental management teams, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.
Aligned Incentives
We are committed to structuring transparent win/win agreements with our customers. Such agreements allow us to leverage our best practices and experience to drive down expensive waste and material handling activities.
Our Resource Solutions in Action
The case studies below illustrate successes our customers have implemented to capture value from the waste stream.
Tompkins County - Residential Food Scraps Recycling

With a strong commitment to achieving 75% waste reduction by 2016, Tompkins County in upstate New York is always on the cutting edge of municipal recycling. Most recently, the County has set their sights on residential food scraps recycling, making great strides in the past two years. Through a grant-funded pilot that began in 2012, the County is offering free curbside food scraps collection for roughly 1,200 households. Participants received 13-gallon carts, kitchen caddies, compostable liners, and educational materials, and are encouraged to set out their food scraps for weekly collection and delivery to Cayuga Compost in Trumansburg. Casella is proud to provide the collection service for this important trial. County residents can also recycle their food scraps by bringing them to one of five available drop spot locations, or by drawing upon County and Cornell Cooperative Extension support for backyard composting.

Becton Dickinson (BD)

Becton Dickinson is a global medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical and diagnostic equipment. With Casella's support, the company has developed a successful resource management program, including on-site staff, unified invoicing, monthly performance reports, accessible data dashboards, and ongoing associate education. Under the program, BD is recycling 7,000 tons/year of plastic, 5,000 tons per year of fiber, and 2,000 tons per year of metal and glass. Excitingly, Casella and BD are currently developing a closed-loop recycling program that would beneficially reuse 2,500 tons per year of production waste polypropylene.

The Lewiston-Auburn Pollution Control Authority

The solid residuals produced at wastewater treatment facilities contain carbon and nutrients that can help to build soils. Still a large percentage of this material is typically disposed in landfills or incinerators. The Lewiston-Auburn Pollution Control Authority in Maine is committed to recycling 100% of their biosolids. To do this, they operate their own compost facility and work with us to complete direct land application of their Class B biosolids in season. Our talented project managers work tirelessly to find suitable fields and coordinate scheduling as dictated by field owner's needs, plant production, and the always unpredictable northeastern weather.

Skidmore College

Skidmore College had established a goal to achieve 40% recycling by the end of 2014. However, it faced challenges with staff training, communication, data access and signage, and actual recycling performance hovered around 16%. Casella spent time understanding the college's needs, efficiently implemented Zero-Sort Recycling, and began providing monthly data reports. We increased sustainability awareness through co-branded signage, presentations for faculty and staff, and regular waste audits with students and faculty. This increased the recycling rate to 28%, with peak monthly rates of 40% in May and June 2014. The school is also now able to capture and divert increased volumes during move-out periods.

"From the quarterly meetings and conference calls to the overall support we've received, even including our local Casella sales rep sorting trash with us, it has been a very pleasant process. It goes above and beyond what we would expect from a typical waste hauler."
- Rachel Willis, Sustainability Coordinator
Bertucci's Italian Restaurants

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant chain has over 90 locations and is renowned for its large open kitchens with distinctive brick oven pizzas. The organization needed a reliable waste management partner to help managers and staff to minimize time spent on waste and recycling. Casella coordinated the delivery of nearly 170 solid waste and recycling containers, and implemented Zero-Sort Recycling at the majority of locations, simplifying the recycling process and diverting more material from the waste stream. By also optimizing collection frequencies and right-sizing containers, we were able to help reduce Bertucci's solid waste costs and increase recycling.

Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH)

CVPH Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital with over 2,000 employees, and is one of the largest generators of waste in the Plattsburgh, NY region. Patients at the center need to focus their full energy on getting healthy, and understandably lack time or interest to understand complicated waste sorting rules. Casella helped CVPH implement Zero-Sort Recycling in patient rooms, and created a centralized system to help employees understand the ease of the program for increasing recycling. CVPH has also partnered with Casella to launch a composting program. As a result, 850,000 pounds is being diverted from disposal, and the program helps to reduce costs.

"It is very important for us at CVPH to be a part of the Zero-Sort Recycling program because we are one of the largest employers in the North Country. We're putting recyclable, reusable products back out there to be reused and we're keeping them out of our local landfills."
- James Moran, Environmental Services Supervisor
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