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Partnering with our customers around Resource Solutions is the number one way we can help protect the environment, support our communities, and build our business. In Section 2 you will find a discussion of the many important improvements we're making to our own operations, but our true sustainability sweet spot is where we combine our efforts with those of our customers, so this is where we begin our report.

Nationwide, about 35% of the municipal solid waste stream is recycled and 65% is disposed. This is according to EPA reporting, which also tells us that a large portion of this disposed material could have been recycled using traditional recycling technology. Another large fraction is organics that could have been diverted via donation, composting, or other forms of organics recycling. In fact, we could drastically improve our national diversion rate by fully utilizing the strategies available to us today.

Some of our customers are well above average with their recycling rates, while others are still building up their programs. To help our customers increase diversion and create value from each component of the waste stream, we offer a suite of services: recycling, collection, organics, energy, and landfills. We describe each of these Resource Solutions in the pages that follow.

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Capturing value from waste through innovative resource solutions.
Our comprehensive Resource Solutions enable us to apply our knowledge and experience in recycling, collection, organics, energy and landfills to create economic and environmental value for our customers and our communities. Click here to download the PDF version of our 2014 Sustainability Report
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