Fee Information

Casella strives to provide our customers with the highest quality waste and recycling services at a great overall value.


  • Vermont Residential Customer Fees
We are constantly working to improve our service, contain our operating costs, and develop solutions to reduce our overall environmental impact. However, the rising costs of environmental compliance along with fluctuations in fuel prices and commodity values are not items fully within our control. Customers may be assessed one or more of the fees described below depending upon their service or based upon the terms of their service contract.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers

Energy & Environmental Fee

For simplicity and transparency, the former variable Fuel/Oil Recovery (Energy) Fee and the fixed Environmental Fee have been combined into the new Energy & Environmental Fee. The Energy & Environmental Fee will float on a monthly basis based upon the changes in diesel fuel prices in the prior month and will be determined by the Casella Energy & Environmental Fee Table.

More specifically, the Energy component is tied directly to the Regional U.S. Average On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices reported by the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy (“EIA/DOE”). The EIA/DOE updates this public index weekly by tracking actual average retail diesel prices across our operating regions.  The Energy component will float each month based upon the highest weekly diesel price per gallon for the preceding month for the applicable region.

For your reference, the index can be viewed by clicking on the EIA/DOE Table. New England (PADD 1) pricing is utilized for customers in ME, MA, NH, RI, CT, and VT. Central Atlantic (PADD 2) pricing is utilized for customers in NY, PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

The Environmental component helps, in part, to cover the ever increasing costs to operate our company-wide collection, transfer, landfill, and organics infrastructure - costs frequently driven by various local, state, or federal regulatory requirements whose aim is to achieve environmental protection and regulatory compliance. 

The Energy & Environmental Fee is not a tax, surcharge, or fee imposed by any regulatory or government agency, but is a fee applied by Casella to cover our company-wide costs associated with diesel fuel, oil and environmental compliance.

Sustainability/Commodity Adjustment

Across the country, thousands of municipalities, businesses, institutions and households are working to reduce their waste and promote a more sustainable existence. They understand how wasting less can help conserve resources, protect the environment, support jobs and create value. To make this work effectively, investments in infrastructure are required to deliver the value-added services that our customers demand.

Public policy has long supported sustainability while fostering its growth. At Casella, we have an obligation to meet the regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers to ensure the environmental and economic benefits of resource sustainability for generations to come.

Temporary Roll Off (Dumpster Rental) Customers

Roll Off Service Fee

The Roll Off Service Fee applies solely to temporary roll off services, and is intended to help cover energy, environmental and administrative costs associated with the service and management of these customers. 

All fees are applied to the total invoice amount before taxes and are subject to change.