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For every team of drivers, technicians, and sales professionals there is a core group of support professionals that drive our business forward. They are line technicians, dispatchers, office professionals, and managers and they provide the fuel that drives our service operations. We understand the value of our operations professionals, and we ensure everyone gets the respect, benefits, and advancement opportunities they deserve.

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  • Operation Support

    Depot Attendant

    The Depot Attendant assists and oversees the usage of the Recycling/Transfer station facility, performs general labor duties at a transfer station and completes tasks such as yard clean-up, fueling vehicles and equipment, general vehicle operation, general office maintenance and other related duties.

    Industrial Operations Associate

    The Operations Associate is a member of a team responsible for daily monitoring and processing of materials in order to add value to the customer. The incumbent will work with a team to ensure that materials are handled appropriately and that the customers get the best value out of our services.

    Scale Operator

    The Scale Operator, the face of the facility, is responsible for weighing inbound and outbound materials at the facility, processing outbound Bill of Ladings and ensuring that material is being loaded into the vehicle correlates with the release number provided by the hauler.


    The Sorter is responsible for sorting through recycled materials that come into the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) as they move along the conveyor belt, inspecting items, and placing items or materials into designated areas according to commodity, size, condition, and/or grade.

  • Operation Management

    Operation Manager-Hauling

    The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing collections activities, container delivery and pickup for commercial, industrial and residential customers, while managing a large team of dispatchers, drivers, and other workers who are responsible for managing the route system as well as executing a local market strategy to best complete Casella initiatives.

    Operation Manager-Landfill

    The Landfill Operations Manager is responsible for managing landfill processes as well as collaborating with the Division Manager, Market Area Manager, and other managers in the business unit to execute division strategy for the production of marketable commodities and implement tactical initiatives to drive functional excellence and budget information.

    Operation Manager-Material Recovery Facility

    The Operations Manager is responsible for managing the recycling and other post-collections activities within the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The incumbent will collaborate with the Division or Market Area Manager and other managers in the business unit to execute division strategy to produce marketable commodities and implement tactical initiatives to drive functional excellence and budget achievement.



Working in the waste industry is extremely interesting and no two days are the same. I love that my job allows me to help customers reach their sustainability goals by finding ways to get higher value out of our resources.
- Kelton Bogasky
Operations Manager
2019 with Casella
I love the challenge my position brings. I am able to critically think and solve problems in order to bring solutions for both internal and external customers.
- Jessica Dyke
Route Supervisor
2020 with Casella

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