Professional Services

Casella is a leading provider of resource management professional services to industrial, municipal, institutional and commercial customers throughout the U.S.


resource solutions
Our Resource Solutions team manages over 10,000 customer locations in more than 40 states delivering a wide range of environmental services and zero waste solutions. We take an innovative, pragmatic approach to managing their needs while accounting for environmental and economic impacts as well as market dynamics and influences of public policy.

Resource management practices have been widely adopted for years in the industrial sector, driven by cost savings, lean manufacturing, and sustainability goals. Casella leverages these best practices and lessons learned to deliver valuable solutions to customers in the many markets that we serve.

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all program, we create tailored solutions to suit the unique needs of each customer. Our methodical Resource Solutions approach applies our knowledge and experience in recycling, collection, organics, energy and landfills to deliver measurable economic and environmental return for our customers.

This professional services approach is in contrast to traditional waste management and is designed to deliver operational efficiencies, resource conservation and other forms of value. Services include:

  • Large Account and Multi-Site Management 
  • Consolidated Billing and Reporting
  • Sourcing and Third Party Logistics 
    • Transportation
    • Vendor Management and Compliance
    • Outlet and Material R&D
    • Hazardous, Special, Regulated Waste Services
  • Emergency Services 
  • Project and Product Destruction  
    • Full or Partial Truckload Quantities of Off-spec, Expired or Otherwise Non-salable Product
  • Chain of Custody and Certificates of Destruction 
  • Commodity Management and Specialty Recycling 
  • Onsite Services 
  • Sustainability and resource management consulting 

Resource Solutions: Bringing It All Together

Our resource solutions approach focuses on delivering value to large and complex organizations such as universities, hospitals, manufacturers, and municipalities.

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