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Casella Organics proudly serves customers in many sectors.  From wastewater treatment, to the power industry, to food processors we've got solutions.  Our customized programs can include transportation, processing, event work, material recovery, and product marketing.  We're committed to high quality service so that you can focus on your core, and leave the residuals to us.

Lewiston Auburn Pollution Control Authority

Biosolids Direct to the Land

The Lewiston-Auburn Pollution Control Authority is well known for their commitment to 100% recycling of biosolids generated at the plant. They operate their own compost facility and work with us to complete direct land application of class B biosolids in season. Our experience and knowledge in the field has positioned us as their trusted partner, and every year we work together to juggle site availability, plant production schedules and the unpredictable weather to move as much to the field during the season as we can. Our strong relationships with the field owners, and our project manager's commitment to being on the phone with the plant every day at 6:30 am sharp to check the day's schedule is testament to our core value of providing excellent service.

Augusta, Camden, and the Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District (KSTD) were the first customers at the Hawk Ridge Compost Facility when we commenced operations in 1990.  Almost twenty-five years later we're still providing responsible environmental recycling solutions for these communities' biosolids, and have processed tens of thousands of tons of material over the years on their behalf.  What's most impressive is their commitment to being "green" before it was mainstream; we're grateful they've chosen us to be their partner for nearly a quarter of a century.

Municipal and private compost facilities face many challenges such as managing feedstocks, inventory management, and marketing & finished product distribution. We are experienced in all of these areas and are always looking to form mutually beneficial partnerships. In fact, Casella Organics provides professional services and strategically located facilities aimed at helping facilities save money and improve operations.  Our services to compost facilities include:

  • Contract operations  
  • Compost analysis, distribution and marketing services 
  • Provision of amendments for compost blends and recipie mix
  • Strategic partnerships

Organic byproduct solutions for industrial generators

We specialize in servicing the recycling needs of large, industrial generators of homogeneous organic waste streams and pre-consumer food wastes. We have experience with the collection and responsible management of onsite pre-treatment/wastewater treatment residuals, such as DAF liquids and sludges, and processing by-products generated onsite.  Whether you are currently disposing of your residuals at a landfill, incinerator or wastewater plant, you may find value in our diversion programs.  Our staff can audit your facility, identifying organic materials suitable for recycling and develop a customized proposal for your full service needs.

We specialize in composting and/or land applying large homogeneous organic residuals and pre-consumer food by-products from manufacturing facilities, institutions, and the like.  Anaerobic digestion is a technology we are implementing as part of the AGreen project.  Regardless of your size and location, we'd love to speak with you and explore ways to get your resources back in the ecosystem. 

Managing byproducts so you can focus on making power

Power Plants create a variety of residual by-products every day. Management of these residuals can not detract from the facility's primary objective of creating power. Casella Organics strives to help plant managers maximize waste stream recycling by providing dependable and economical management services. We will remove and properly manage wood ash, coal ash, or other biomass residuals, as we have done for over 20 power generation plants in the Northeast. We are committed to sustainability and always actively pursue the highest and best use of all residuals.

Public works departments face many waste management and landscaping challenges.  Typical waste responsibilities may include: greenwaste composting, wastewater biosolids treatment, compost removal & distribution, recycling and landfill operations and landfill closures.  Landscaping objectives often include maintaining parks and sports fields, roadside landscaping, erosion control and landscaping on new construction.

Our specialized services for public works departments include:

  • Professional contract landfill operations and closures
  • Contract operations of municipal compost facilities
  • Compost analysis, distribution and marketing services
  • Removal of sewage sludge (biosolids) for recycling or disposal

We can also assist with public landscaping responsibilities by providing:

  • Compost for use on athletic fields, golf courses, etc.
  • Erosion Control Mix for slope stabilization
  • Trail Mulch for walking paths, parks and hiking trails
  • Biofilter/odor control media
  • Landfill daily cover/shaping material
  • Wood Ash for compost bulking and odor control
  • Ornamental landscape mulch

We are committed to our partnership with producers of pulp and paper, and finding ways to reduce mill operating costs while at the same time pursuing sustainability goals. Our group has experience managing a wide variety of production by-products including boiler ash, short paper fiber, flume grit, lime wastes, and other residuals. We understand the importance of prompt and responsible transportation services for hauling residuals off-site provided by a professional and aggressive team that has proven success with beneficially re-using residuals in both traditional and new and creative ways. Our years in the business amount to extensive experience on the regulatory and permitting side, where you can count on us to deliver reliable and thorough reporting and compliance services. Finally, our access to affordable backup disposal outlets makes us a leader in integrated services for the industry.

Numerous pulp and paper mills in New England and New York currently call Casella Organics their service provider. We manage the largest short paper fiber recycling program in New England and distribute tons of mill boiler ash and flume grit products to commercial contractors and landscape outlets throughout New England every year. Our agricultural soils professionals distribute thousands of tons of lime residuals to farmers annually. Give us a call today to get started on your own, custom, service program.

Stewards of our Water Resources

Residuals management is one of the most challenging tasks any wastewater plant operator faces. Regular, professional, and high quality services are critical to smooth operations. We have an extensive knowledge of the challenges faced with sludge and biosolids; their management is the heart of our company. Since our inception, we've been offering numerous service options and high quality recycling solutions. Whether you're interested in land application, composting at the largest permitted biosolids facility in New England, or disposal, we have a reliable solution waiting just for you.