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Casella provides mattress recycling solutions for all types of customers including municipalities, colleges and universities, hotels, mattress retailers, and individuals.

How It Works:

Each mattress or box spring we receive is deconstructed so that the individual components can be processed and recycled. By recycling your old mattresses with Casella, you’re reducing the amount of material entering the waste stream, creating green jobs, and recovering important raw materials like:

Mattress springs
  • Springs are removed and shredded for recycling as scrap metal
  • The metal is used to make new appliances and also can be transformed into building materials
Exterior - High angle long view of an excavator dropping mattress wood into a woodchipper.
  • Wood is processed via large wood grinders
  • The processed wood can then be used to create animal bedding, mulch, and fuel
A bale of foam tied together.
  • Foam padding from the mattress is separated and baled
  • The foam is recycled into carpet underlayment
Exterior - A parking lot with a Casella branded semi-trailer truck.
  • We provide trailers or open top containers on-site for your convenience
  • Mattresses can also be delivered into our network of transfer facilities
Exterior - Work site with an excavator dropping a foam mattress into a shredder.
  • We recycle over 190,000 mattresses and box springs, which equates to more than 4,900 tons of material recovered from disposal
Interior - A forklift and stacks of mattresses.
  • Our facilities provide a variety of local job opportunities and create meaningful career paths for a wide range of skill sets


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