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Our landfills generated over 229,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity last year. Working with our partners, this created enough power for over 30,000 homes.

An innovative approach to managing today’s waste includes the realization that extending the life of the products we consume is a critical step in reducing waste. The concept of managing solid waste means giving our trash new purpose and a new life. It’s about turning waste into a resource.

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Landfill Gas-to-Energy

Compressed Natural Gas Collection Fleet

Clean, Quiet and Domestic

• Reduces smog-causing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 50%.
• Has a 25% reduction in vehicle noise.
• Runs on domestically produced fuel, reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

As a vehicle fuel, compressed natural gas burns cleaner and with a lower greenhouse gas impact as compared to diesel fuel. We have purchased three heavy-duty natural gas vehicles—a rear loader, an automated side loader, and a front loader—for our Burlington, Vermont fleet.

We were fortunate to receive grant funding to support these purchases through the federal Environmental Protection Agency under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act. We will install Vermont’s second natural gas fueling station at our Williston facility. We hope to duplicate this effort at five additional locations throughout New England and New York.