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Community Engagement

The Casella community is comprised of thousands of employees, customers, business partners, non-profit organizations, government officials, and shareholders moving forward together in service to each other.

The Pillars of Community Engagement

We strive to bring value to our customers and communities by combining outstanding service with sincere community engagement. Doing our part to support thriving, sustainable communities is an essential element of our approach to Sustainable Growth. To organize our efforts, we focus on three pillars of community engagement: community giving, employee volunteering, and educational outreach.

By contributing a combination of our time, knowledge, and resources, we aim to deliver the greatest possible impact to the largest number of people while moving forward, together.

Community Giving

Beyond servicing the resource management needs of our customers, Casella strives to give back to the local community. By supporting spring litter cleanups, contributing to charitable causes, funding youth scholarships, sponsoring neighborhood events, providing in-kind services in support of those in need, and so much more, each division team finds its own unique ways to create and share value.

Over the past two years, we have worked toward becoming more intentional about creating and sharing value through our community giving programs. We have improved our tracking programs and increased the coordination between our volunteering and giving efforts.

With this focus, we are working to grow our charitable donations, in-kind services, and local community sponsorships to achieve our 2030 goal of $2,000,000 in annual community giving.

Celebrating Our Casella Super Fans

The Casella Super Fan Box began as a passion project created through the joint effort of the Casella Care Team and local hauling divisions. The concept allows drivers and other Casella team members to provide exclusive merchandise to young fans along their routes or travels.

For many young children, their local driver provides a regular sense of joy and an example of hard work and dedication. Some may even consider them real life superheroes.

Each box includes items such as a child-size Casella baseball hat and safety vest, along with a toy recycling container, matchbox garbage truck, coloring book, and set of crayons.

Since the initial launch in early Summer 2021, the Super Fan boxes have taken on a life of their own spreading good cheer and the Casella brand both far and wide. From birthday parties and play dates to friendly random acts of kindness, more than 500 boxes have been ordered and delivered by various divisions throughout our region.

Employee Volunteering

Each year, Casella employees complete a variety of community volunteering, education, and public service. They volunteer at animal shelters, serve at food cupboards, and mentor young people. They share their knowledge and expertise with countless schools, organizations, and non-profits. They do their part to create strong and supportive communities.

To strengthen and amplify the beneficial impact of employee volunteering, we have begun to record and celebrate these hours our people commit to the community. We encourage Casella employees to participate in at least one workday per year of volunteering, with a particular emphasis on sharing their recycling and sustainability expertise with their communities.

In 2020, we committed to round out our set of sustainability goals by establishing a public target for employee volunteer hours. With this year’s report, we are pleased to announce that by 2030 we aim to be contributing 24,000 volunteer hours per year in the communities we serve.

Volunteering At Work

Green Up Efforts

Casella employees from across the state once again took to the streets to participate in Green Up Vermont’s 52nd Green Up Day. The annual event showcases a statewide effort to clean up roadside trash and preserve Vermont’s natural landscapes, waterways, and communities.

Non-Profit Support

Casella has been a proud and long-time sponsor of Girls on the Run, a national nonprofit dedicated to designing specialty programming for young girls. In 2022, Casella sponsored Girls on the Run events in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Community Projects

As part of our innovative SEED program designed to build and share value with our local communities, Casella locations such as our Coventry, VT landfill and Oneonta, NY hauling division feature community gardens and the opportunity for locals to pick fresh fruits and vegetables free of charge.

Volunteering is extremely important to me! As a company, it’s imperative that Casella get involved and give back to our communities. We can use our collective resources and manpower to make a huge difference. At the end of the day, our customers are our neighbors, and we have a responsibility to help the people we serve.

- Steve Hannon

Educational Outreach

Throughout this report, we have presented our vision for sustainable materials management within our communities. As we work to invent and build the necessary services and infrastructure, we know that sharing our knowledge and expertise across our operating footprint will help us to achieve our long-term vision.

Each year, we share our technical knowledge by participating in community events, visiting local schools, offering facility tours, serving on industry panels, meeting with municipal governments, testifying to state-level leaders, and more. We deliver education in the digital community through our Beyond the Bin podcasts, social media posts, blog entries, and more.

In 2021, we launched our new Resource Rover, which delivers fun, hands-on learning experiences for people of all ages.

The Casella Resource Rover is an interactive educational tool that informs and educates audiences on what we can do together to Recycle Better™. Made from a repurposed shipping container, the Resource Rover is an educational arcade on wheels, containing two games and four interactive displays, complete with a life-size garbage truck cab!

Outreach At Work

Facility Tours

Casella facilities across our operating footprint regularly open their doors for interactive tours and educational hands-on learning experiences. These events provide an inside look at our daily operations and create an opportunity for community members to learn more about Casella’s holistic approach to waste and resource management.

Beyond The Bin™

Beyond the Bin is our multimedia education series that seeks to provide our stakeholders with more information about our industry, our company, and all of our partners who help us create economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Recycle Better™

It all begins at the bin! Dedicated to keeping recycling strong and sustainable, our Recycle Better site serves as an active hub for recycling best practices, tips and tricks, videos, and educational resources.

When residents start to properly understand what belongs in the bin, where to take specific materials, and what poses a safety issue for our equipment, facilities, and employees, they become more conscious about what they put in their bin each week. If we’re consistently educating and earning buy-in, we're helping create a cleaner, more effective recycling program for communities.

- Talya Bent
Scarborough, ME