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Clinton County, New York Case Study

The Challenge

  • Difficult for local governments to cover the burdensome costs of building and maintaining expensive, complex facilities and administration to manage solid waste
  • Dissonance caused by obligation to fulfill traditional responsibility for waste management and public health and safety, while trying to avoid exhausting budgets or raising taxes
  • County officials began to challenge their government’s supposed role extending beyond garbage “policy” to the garbage “business”

The Solution

  • Solid waste partnership with Casella allowed the county to address critical fiscal issues and simultaneously provided secure, long-term solutions to all of its waste disposal needs
  • In 1996, Casella began operating the entire county solid waste infrastructure under an innovative lease agreement that provided a two-decade guaranteed destination for waste generated within Clinton County at fixed, long-term guaranteed disposal prices

The Results

  • More than $22 million in cash and avoided costs for Clinton County over two decades
  • Eliminated the need to increase property taxes for homeowners and businesses
  • County gained greater control over its waste management future, allowing it to increase protection for taxpayers, fiscal health, and public and environmental health and safety