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CVPH Medical Center Case Study

The Challenge

  • Voluntary, not-for-profit hospital with over 2,000 employees: one of the largest generators of waste in the Plattsburgh region
  • The U.S. Hospital sector generates an estimated 5.1 million tons of solid waste per year
  • New patients passing through daily have their sole focus on getting healthy, with no time or interest in complicated sorting rules

The Solution

  • Zero-Sort® implemented in patient rooms, giving patients the opportunity to be part of the process by using their own small, personal Zero-Sort bins
  • Single, centralized system helps employees understand the ease of recycling with Zero-Sort; convenience allowed recycling to become a more frequent practice
  • Partnered with Casella to launch composting program

The Results

  • 850,000 pounds taken out of the general waste stream
  • Recyclable and reusable material diverted back into system to reprocess into various products, creating over 40% in savings


It’s very important for us at CVPH to be a part of the Zero-Sort program because we are one of the largest employers in the North Country. We’re putting recyclable, reusable products back out there to be reused and we’re keeping them out of our local landfills.
- James Moran
Environmental Services Supervisor

CVPH Commercial