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Town of Holden, Massachusetts Case Study

The Challenge

  • Town of Holden struggled to control amounts of household trash and promote recycling with use of 96-gallon carts for waste and 20-gallon open-top bins for recycling
  • Adopted Holden Recycling and Trash Collection Program in 2000 with an unsatisfactory recycling rate of 10%

The Solution

  • Partnered with Casella in 2007 and implemented an adjusted curbside collection program that repurposed the 96-gallon carts for Zero-Sort® recycling and deployed 64-gallon carts for trash
  • Built on partnership and expanded original program, including installation of a 30-yard roll-off container in a public space for recycling use by all residents

The Results

  • Increased recycling rate to 35%
  • Realized a 95% approval rating by residents on the improved program
  • Became first community in central Massachusetts to implement single-stream recycling in curbside collection and received the 2008 Kenneth E. Pickard Award from the Massachusetts Municipal Association for applying innovative solutions to traditional municipal waste problems


It took the service light-years forward, by having Casella as a partner. Casella is a great value for the Town of Holden. Our partnership is highly prized, both by myself as the operator of the program, and the administration.
- Dennis Lipka
Director of Growth Management