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Zotos International Case Study

The Challenge

  • Large shampoo, conditioner, and lotion manufacturer with numerous waste streams, including: aerosol cans, blow molded bottles (PET, HDPE, and PVC), industrial sludge, metal, and OCC
  • Wanted to reduce costs and increase recycling by 20%+
  • Goal to simplify internal logistics like material movement and decrease greenhouse gas footprint

The Solution

  • Casella launched one of its first comprehensive Resource Solutions programs, including an employee hired and trained to handle all generated by-products at the plant
  • Managed the grinding of blow molded bottles, aerosol can puncturing, and film baling to increase revenue
  • Casella’s “Implementation Team” educated all 400+ Zotos employees on separation and collection methods implemented around the plant

The Results

  • Mutually profitable and efficient solution that reduced stress of Zotos' employees with the incorporation of an on-site Casella employee
  • Reduced carbon emissions as a result of condensing shipped commodities through grinding and baling
  • Punctured aerosol cans and ground and baled plastics reduced internal logistical costs and increased revenue for the commodities, for a delta of 50% savings gain


The Casella team has been incredibly supportive and influential in our mission of implementing and maintaining our sustainability program. Our partnership has enabled us to further increase landfill diversion with the help of their motivated, reliable staff and innovative methods.
- Anri Chappell
Productivity and Human Capital Analyst