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Beneficial use and recycling of organic and mineral resources
Handfuls of dirt

Dedicated to organics and mineral recycling

We believe that innovation, skill, and a measure of creative thinking are an important part of managing a broad range of solid waste challenges. That's why we are constantly evaluating new technologies and services to manage society's residual waste streams including sludge, paper fiber, ash and food processing byproducts.

The Organics Journey
Join us for a visual journey through the mysterious and worthwhile world of industrial organics and mineral recycling.

Casella Organics

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Agronomic Services

Our experienced team specializes in working with farmers to find the right amendments for their growing needs.

Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion is a controlled process by which organic materials (those with plant and animal origins) are transformed by organisms that thrive in an environment without oxygen.

Row of composting piles

Composting is the controlled process by which organic materials (those with plant and animal origins) are aerobically decomposed by organisms to produce a nutrient rich soil amendment.

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Contract Operations

We're always on the lookout for opportunities to provide routine and innovative operations support with a goal of efficient operations, 100% compliance and excellent service to our customers.

depackaging food and beverages
Depackaging service

Casella Organics offers depackaging for both liquid and solid food products

food scraps
Collection of food scraps

We provide food waste collection service to hundreds of businesses and institutions throughout the Northeast.

Lagoon to be cleaned
Lagoon Cleanouts

Lagoon cleaning is a periodic and necessary part of facility maintenance for many industries.

tractor in field
Land Application

We have particular expertise in the field of direct land application for a variety of materials

Tradeshow Booth
Product Marketing & Distribution

Our earthlife® team has years of experience in selling soil amendment products and pioneered the industry for beneficial reuse in the Northeast.

red truck
Spreader Rentals

Casella Organics offers a fleet of modern agricultural spreaders for rent to go along with your earthlife product purchase. Our custom spreader capacities range from 5 tons to 24 tons, and each of them is designed to maximize application precision and efficiency.

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The Professional Choice...
Beautiful Landscapes Start with earthlife