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Casella is a regional solid waste resource management company with operating locations across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

  • Collection facilities and transfer stations
  • Recycling facilities
  • A closed landfill with a landfill-gas-to-energy facility that produces more than 6,500 MWh of electricity annually
  • We manage hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste and recyclables, including recovering 40,000 tons of recyclables for the City of Boston
  • We service businesses and households all across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including providing curbside recycling collection to 52,000 households in Worcester
  • We provide good green jobs to many environmental service professionals

Over 1,201,000 tons

Solid Waste, Recyclables & Organics

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Recycling provides an example of the collaboration involved in successful and sustainable material management. Households and businesses do their part to separate recyclable materials from their trash. We do our part to collect, sort, and process them into high-quality raw materials for manufacturers to use in new products. We also serve as public advocates for the advancement of materials manufacturing and recovery. Recycling works best when we all play our parts well.

Recycling Services:

  • Recycling Collection and Processing Services
  • Industrial/Specialty Recycling
  • Managing Non-Salable Consumer Goods
  • Mattress Recycling
  • Public Advocacy
  • Brokerage Services


Our Resource Solutions team, which includes certified TRUE Zero Waste advisors, provides value-added professional services to customers nationwide designing and delivering sustainable material management to over 10,000 locations across the US that make both environmental and economic sense.

Professional Services:

  • Multi-Site Account Management
  • Consolidated Billing and Reporting
  • Sustainability and Resource Management Consulting
  • Sourcing and Third Party Logistics
  • Specialty Recycling
  • On-site Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Product Destruction
  • Chain of Custody and Certificates of Destruction


We are constantly evaluating new technologies and services to manage society’s residual waste streams including biosolids, paper fiber, ash, and food byproducts. Our extensive line of earthlife® products are all eco-friendly, sustainable options for your soil health and growing needs.

Organics Services:

  • Agronomic Services
  • Composting
  • Depackaging
  • Food Waste Collection
  • Land Application
  • Residuals Management


Sustainable material management would not be possible without safe and dependable collection service. We operate a network of over 1,000 collection vehicles across the Northeast that extend from western New York to northern Maine. We prioritize reducing the impacts of our own operations, focusing particularly on fuel efficiency and environmental compliance.

Collection Services:

  • Business/Commercial
  • Curbside Residential
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Municipal
  • Industrial/Construction
  • Institutional


A wealth of renewable energy sources from biogas to solar and thermal energy offer a way to power homes, businesses, and even vehicles while using fewer fossil fuels.

Energy Services:

  • Landfill Gas-to-Energy
  • Renewable Natural Gas


With a deep commitment to reuse and recycling, many of our customers are working to dramatically reduce the material they need to dispose of. However, today these customers continue to call upon us to provide safe, secure, and affordable disposal options. All of our disposal facilities focus on exceeding regulatory standards and industry practices as part of our Low Emission Landfill initiative to ensure the smallest impact possible on the environment.

Landfill Services:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris
  • Soils
  • Special Waste

Community Impact

The City of Worcester, Massachusetts has been dedicated to improving recycling quality by reducing contamination and, together with Casella, deployed dozens of measures to improve recycling habits, including the incorporation of new bins, educational materials, curbside audits, bin tagging, and community events, resulting in an almost 50 percent reduction in contamination. 

Investing in Innovation

Over the last 13 years, Casella’s Charlestown, MA Material Recovery Facility (MRF), the fourth largest recycling facility in the country, has processed over two million tons of recycling for many of the communities in eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In 2009, the facility unveiled state-of-the-art single stream recycling equipment, and now, this year, will be upgrading to the most technologically advanced sorting system available, as part of a six-month retrofit process. This exciting project will conclude in July 2023 and further demonstrate Casella’s commitment to being an innovative industry leader in recycling.

Sustainable Innovation

In June 2023, Casella officially opened the doors of its newly renovated Charlestown, Massachusetts material recovery facility (MRF), the largest on the East Coast and one of the largest in the world. The facility upgrade is complete with state-of-the-art equipment aimed to help increase throughput, improve end-product quality, and enhance safety, resulting in the ability to process up to 240,000 tons of material and provide best-in-class operations for our customers.

2023 Milestone Anniversary Recognition • Presented by: Better Business Bureau of Central New England

Casella received noteworthy milestone anniversary recognition from the Better Business Bureau of Central New England as part of the bureau’s 2023 Central Massachusetts Awards for Marketplace Excellence. Serving central and western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut, the BBB presented our local central Massachusetts team with a token of appreciation for their ten years of membership service with an A+ rating.