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New Hampshire

Casella is a regional solid waste resource management company with operating locations across the State of New Hampshire:

  • Casella’s strategic network of facilities connects New Hampshire homes and businesses with the regional recycling infrastructure of the Northeast
  • We manage hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste and recyclables
  • We service businesses and households all across the State of New Hampshire
  • We provide good green jobs to over 150 environmental service professionals

Over 537,300 tons

Solid Waste, Recyclables & Organics

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Recycling provides an example of the collaboration involved in successful and sustainable material management. Households and businesses do their part to separate recyclable materials from their trash. We do our part to collect, sort, and process them into high-quality raw materials for manufacturers to use in new products. We also serve as public advocates for the advancement of materials manufacturing and recovery. Recycling works best when we all play our parts well.

Recycling Services:

  • Recycling Collection and Processing Services
  • Industrial/Specialty Recycling
  • Managing Non-Salable Consumer Goods
  • Mattress Recycling
  • Public Advocacy
  • Brokerage Services


Our Resource Solutions team, which includes certified TRUE Zero Waste advisors, provides value-added professional services to customers nationwide designing and delivering sustainable material management to over 10,000 locations across the US that make both environmental and economic sense.

Professional Services:

  • Multi-Site Account Management
  • Consolidated Billing and Reporting
  • Sustainability and Resource Management Consulting
  • Sourcing and Third Party Logistics
  • Specialty Recycling
  • On-site Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Product Destruction
  • Chain of Custody and Certificates of Destruction


We are constantly evaluating new technologies and services to manage society’s residual waste streams including biosolids, paper fiber, ash, and food byproducts. Our extensive line of earthlife® products are all eco-friendly, sustainable options for your soil health and growing needs.

Organics Services:

  • Agronomic Services
  • Composting
  • Depackaging
  • Food Waste Collection
  • Land Application
  • Residuals Management


Sustainable material management would not be possible without safe and dependable collection service. We operate a network of over 1,000 collection vehicles across the Northeast that extend from western New York to northern Maine. We prioritize reducing the impacts of our own operations, focusing particularly on fuel efficiency and environmental compliance.

Collection Services:

  • Business/Commercial
  • Curbside Residential
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Municipal
  • Industrial/Construction
  • Institutional


A wealth of renewable energy sources from biogas to solar and thermal energy offer a way to power homes, businesses, and even vehicles while using fewer fossil fuels.

Energy Services:

  • Landfill Gas-to-Energy
  • Renewable Natural Gas


With a deep commitment to reuse and recycling, many of our customers are working to dramatically reduce the material they need to dispose of. However, today these customers continue to call upon us to provide safe, secure, and affordable disposal options. All of our disposal facilities focus on exceeding regulatory standards and industry practices as part of our Low Emission Landfill initiative to ensure the smallest impact possible on the environment.

Landfill Services:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris
  • Soils
  • Special Waste

St. Paul’s: Transforming Waste to Energy

St. Paul’s School, a private boarding school located in Concord, NH, has been a Casella customer for more than five years, achieving great results and success in the area of resource solutions. Throughout our collaborative partnership, Casella has helped the institution to advance its recycling and sustainability goals, while recovering 68 tons of recyclables and organic materials in 2021. One of the institution’s most innovative initiatives has been the deployment of Grind2Energy technology to recover the campus’ food waste for anaerobic digestion, making St. Paul’s School the first organization in New Hampshire, and the first high school anywhere, to adopt the technology.

Town of Stratham Honored with Sustainability Leadership Award

The Town of Stratham, New Hampshire, has been a valued Casella customer for the past nine years and is serviced by the Casella hauling division in Salem. With a population of around 7,500, the town currently recycles nearly 1,000 tons per year with an estimated recycling rate of 30 percent. To further advance their recycling efforts, in 2021 Stratham residents transitioned to automated collection services, improving overall efficiency, safety, and environmental impact. To support the project, the Town secured a grant from the Recycling Partnership for education and carts, which are constructed from 40 percent post-consumer recycled content. Learn more about the Sustainable Leadership Awards program here.

Community Impact

Casella is proud to be a part of more than 80 volunteers who came together annually to help keep the North Country of New Hampshire pristine. In partnership with Ammonoosuc Chapter Trout Unlimited, the 2023 river clean-up resulted in a collection of over 1,600 pounds of trash from local parks and waterways.

Sustainable Innovation

In partnership with Casella, Camp Robin Hood, a sleepaway summer camp located in Freedom, New Hampshire, has harnessed the power of food waste to further innovate their commitment to sustainability. Camp Robin Hood’s installation and implementation of the Grind2Energy system to recover food waste for anaerobic digestion marks the first summer camp in the nation to adopt the technology.

Recovery Friendly Workplace Designation • Presented by: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu

Prioritizing workplace health, safety, and inclusivity, the Casella Belmont and Salem, New Hampshire divisions recently earned distinct recognition from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, each becoming a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW).