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The Power of Hard Work

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Desk jobs aren’t for everyone. Some of us want work that moves. Work you see. Work that matters. Important work that keeps society moving. At Casella, hard work isn’t just a means to an end. It’s something you can build a life on – a future, a family, a legacy. There are no hoops to jump through or emails to send, but it’s work you can leave behind at the end of the day. And it’s work that’s here to stay.

Casella – good pay, good people, good life. That’s the power of hard work.

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Tools for Success: Mechanic Justin Felion

When mechanic Justin Felion applied for a position at Casella in 2017, he was looking for an opportunity to expand his skills, grow his expertise, and build a rewarding career. Over six years later, he now serves as Maintenance Shop Lead for his local team, mentoring new talent and serving local Vermont hauling divisions.

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Driven to Succeed: Debbie Brazo

In 2009, Debbie Brazo left her job in the fast food industry and took a chance on a new opportunity at Casella, hauling trash in Ithaca, NY. Now, 14 years later, she serves as a driver on those same routes, picking up recycling for her local customers after acquiring her CDL.

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The Power of Hard Work in Action

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