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Residential Curbside Collection Service Terms and Conditions

CASELLA’S COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS: To ensure you the best quality of service in the industry relative to your waste and recycling needs, and to continue to evaluate your waste and recycling service needs and to recommend better service alternatives based on new technology, alternate disposal methodologies, or changes in regulatory requirements.

Services. Casella will provide you, the Customer, with collection, transportation, disposal and recycling services for non-hazardous waste and recyclable materials. Adjustments in frequency of service or container size may be mutually agreed upon by the Customer and Casella. Casella may change the scheduled service day with advanced notice to Customer.

Containers. The containers furnished by Casella to the Customer shall remain the property of Casella, or the Customer may provide their own waste container and/or set out bagged trash in areas where containers are not required or provided by Casella (collectively, the “Containers”). Customer will be responsible for loss or damage caused by theft or any negligent use of the Casella Containers. Unobstructed access to the Containers shall be provided on the service day, and the Containers must be at the curb the evening prior to the service day.

Materials. The materials to be collected and disposed of by Casella are solid waste and recyclable materials generated by the Customer (the “Materials”). Acceptable recyclable materials, or Zero-Sort® Recycling, are listed here. Materials specifically exclude and the Customer agrees not to deposit in Containers any radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, or hazardous (“Excluded Waste”) materials as defined by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations. Once collected by Casella, all Materials shall become the property of Casella, however, title to Excluded Waste shall remain with the Customer, and Customer shall be responsible for all fees involved with the proper handling and ultimate disposal of Excluded Waste.

Fees and Payment. All service fees shall be billed to Customer in advance of the provision of service. Customer agrees to pay Casella by the due date of the statement. Consistent overages of Materials in the Containers, or exceedances of the Customer’s agreed upon service level, shall incur additional fees. Fees may be increased from time to time to reflect changes in disposal and recycling processing fees, fuel prices, regulations and taxes, the CPI, and other operating expenses plus a reasonable margin. Casella reserves the right to charge a late fee on outstanding balances no greater than that allowed by law. In the event of a default, in addition to the finance charges, the Customer agrees to pay all attorneys fees or collections fees, court costs and other expenses reasonably incurred by Casella. If the Casella Containers are collected by Casella for non-payment, and you wish to reinstate your service with Casella, a delivery charge/reinstatement fee will be applied to your account.

Extension of Credit. Credit availability shall be extended at the sole discretion of Casella. Customer understands that Casella may increase, decrease or terminate any credit availability at any time within its sole discretion. Customer agrees to provide Casella with current contact and additional information as warranted each year as a condition for the continued extension of credit.

Cancellation of Service. If the Customer cancels service with Casella, the Casella Containers will be removed by Casella and a reasonable removal charge will be applied to the Customer’s account. The Casella Container must be in good condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted. If the Casella Container is not returned there will be a replacement fee charged to the Customer. The Customer will be charged the full monthly service charge for the month in which service is canceled, and no refunds shall be issued.

Excused Performance. Casella shall not be responsible for its failure to perform or any delay in performance due to circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to strikes, riots, fires, equipment failure and acts of nature, including storm events, or any compliance with any law, rule, regulation or order.

Property Damage. Casella will not be responsible for damage to Customer’s property from the weight of our vehicles in providing service to the Customer. If damage other than pavement occurs through the gross negligence of Casella, Casella will assume responsibility.

We are committed to providing you, our Customer, with the highest quality service available in order to build a sustainable, long-term relationship.