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Zero-Sort® recycling is the single bin recycling service that helps transform more discarded materials into new products.

Zero-Sort® recycling: No sorting of recyclable material on your end makes recycling quick and easy. Just focus on filling the bin and we take care of the rest. Our Zero-Sort facilities handle many types of recyclables including cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and glass that is baled, remarketed and transformed into new products.

Continuous Improvement: A Focus on Quality

Our goal with recycling is to produce high-quality materials that manufacturers actively seek out for their products. We take pride in the quality of our recycled material, and to protect it, we are willing to invest considerable time and energy. This is an essential component of building a thriving recycling industry.

One challenge that all recycling facility operators face is the presence of residue, or non-recyclable materials, mixed in with the inbound recyclables. Residue can diminish the quality of the recycling stream, impede sorting processes, increase operating costs, and potentially damage processing equipment or put facility employees at risk. Residue occurs when generators don't know what belongs in their recycling bin or don't appreciate the importance of proper sorting. Do your part to recycle correctly. Download a recycling brochure below to learn more about what can and can't go into your recycling bin.

Zero-Sort Recycling Brochure

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Recycling Locations

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How Recycling Gets Done™

Earthfest – Recycled 71% of the material at a public concert at the Hatch Shell in Boston with over 125,000 people. Check out photos on Facebook.

Killington Ski Resort – Provided education and awareness about recycling to increase recycling rates. Check out photos on Facebook.

Town of Holden – By making recycling easy, we’ve increased the amount each household recycles from 13 to 37%! Read the case study here.

Berkley Management – Recycling cut trash by 42% at CitySquare’s office towers in downtown Worcester. Download Press Release.

City of Worcester – Providing recycling service and an awareness campaign to 66,000 households to actively create a healthier community through education and Think Recycling! Worcester. Check out photos on Facebook.