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Working Here

Every day, we’re creating a work culture that builds great people, great teams, and a great company. We’re a place where everyone can succeed and grow to be the best they can be. We embrace diverse perspectives and experiences, as well as encourage innovation and creativity. Great, motivated people belong here. It's time to find out why you belong at Casella, too.

Why Should You Join the Casella Team?

Integrity. Growth. Respect. Meaningful work. More than 4,000 people are proud members of the Casella team. Join us!

  • Leadership

    Casella’s leadership team is among the most experienced and accomplished in the industry and is generally acknowledged to be at the forefront of leading the industry’s transformation to sustainability and resource renewal. The team is unwavering in its dedication to serving our customers, our communities, and our diverse stakeholders. Our senior leaders believe deeply in building a great company and a great culture that seeks to give talented, motivated people the opportunities and support to learn and grow.

  • Culture

    Our company culture is driven by our timeless Core Values, which have guided our beliefs and actions for decades.

    At Casella, we encourage our employees to make decisions and solve customer problems every day with these Core Values as their guide. They are a shared foundation for individual, team, and company success. For us, they are not slogans, posters, or empty promises, but living, breathing tools and standards that we hold ourselves and each other accountable to.



    We win when we help others.

    We are sensitive to needs and are eager to be a resource to everyone around us, being generous with our time, talent, and energy.


    We excel when we assume the best in each other.

    Mutual respect and an open, honest environment mark our interactions with others. We acknowledge each other’s contributions, we practice active listening, and we deliver on our promises.


    We succeed when we balance our freedom to act with a sense of accountability.

    We invest deeply in creativity, autonomy, and the willingness to take risks. We recognize these investments bear the greatest fruit when exercised within a framework of disciplined boundaries.


    We thrive when we do the right thing.

    We believe there are enduring principles for everything we do and we strive, in our words and deeds, to meet or exceed those standards.


    We prosper when we learn, understand, and improve.

    We create opportunities for human talent to thrive. We share what we’ve learned. We apply the lessons we learn every day to the goal of getting better and better at everything we do.


    We're more effective when we work together.

    Our impact is consistently stronger when we respect, support, and view each other as partners.

    Our culture and our values are how we bring more than 4,000 people together as one team. We’re different, and in all the ways you want work to be different – warm, friendly, supportive, with opportunities to succeed and grow. We’ve built the kind of place we always wanted to work, a place we’re excited to come to every day.

    Don’t you think you belong here, too?

  • Diversity

    Casella is committed to workplace diversity and to cultivating, fostering, and preserving a culture of inclusion. We know that bringing our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives together is the way to develop innovative waste and recycling solutions to build a better tomorrow.

    Our Core Values outline our responsibility to create an inclusive environment and to respect the dignity and diversity of all people. This makes diversity and inclusion everyone’s responsibility – that of every employee throughout our organization. Enabling everyone at Casella to perform at their best while being themselves is fundamental to our continued success.

    Our approach to diversity and inclusion starts with our people. It starts with helping them discover ways of working that foster a sense of inclusion and a deep sense of belonging—for themselves, for their teams, and for the company. We know that through inclusive leaders developing a culture where everyone can bring their ideas, we can innovate. At the same time, we’re focused on building a diverse workforce by attracting, developing, and retaining employees, as well as encouraging connections within the company to allow our people to feel they belong.

    We believe that by maintaining a diverse workforce we will be employing the best talent and benefiting from varied and unique skills and perspectives. It is also critical to embed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into our business strategies in order to produce great business results.

    Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Vision:

    Be yourself, and make positive change. Our vision at Casella is for all employees to draw on their unique experiences and backgrounds together—to develop innovative solutions.

    Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission:

    Make Diversity, Equity & Inclusion how we work every day. Our mission is to make Diversity, Equity & Inclusion our way of doing business. We will advance our culture of belonging—in which open hearts and minds combine to unleash the potential of a vibrant mix of people—in every part of the Casella organization.

    Casella provides equal employment opportunities. We base employment decisions on merit, considering qualifications, skills, performance, and achievements, and we do not tolerate discrimination. We provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with a disability as well as individuals with needs related to their religious observance or practice.

    Casella is committed to creating an environment of inclusion and mutual respect where opportunities are available to all applicants and team members without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, military and veteran status, status as an individual with a disability, or any other characteristic protected by federal or state laws. We believe that diversity and inclusion among our team members are critical to our success as a company and we seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people.

    We are committed to ensuring that our online application process provides an equal employment opportunity to all U.S. job seekers, including individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. If you have difficulty using our online process, you may email us at Please use "Accommodation Request" as the subject line of your email. Alternatively, you may call us at 833-247-2900, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.

  • Development

    We believe the work we do is vitally important and meaningful, and that our people are the stewards of our region’s natural beauty.

    For more than forty-five years, we have cultivated a culture of never-ending learning and career growth for our people – seeking to find, engage, develop, and advance our strong and thriving team. Investing in our people creates an engaged and productive team environment leading to outstanding customer satisfaction and business growth.

    We seek to develop the most talented and dedicated people to grow our business and serve our customers.

    Our employee orientation provides a solid foundation for success that begins before an employee’s first day and extends throughout the individual’s career. It engages the employee, manager, co-workers, and entire organization in creating a supportive and empowering employment experience.

    Onboarding procedures are simplified so every employee can be prepared from their first day. Many resources and much information are intentionally presented so employees can be productive sooner and perform better in their jobs. By clarifying goals and presenting opportunities to engage with Casella’s culture, our employee orientation leads to greater personal satisfaction and more meaningful long-term contributions.

    Each day presents new possibilities to learn, collaborate, achieve, and be inspired to solve the world’s sustainability challenges through a well-trained workforce with many different talents.

    People thrive and grow when they can see their future success. We build each role within Casella around a defined set of core competencies, skills, and capabilities necessary for success. Using these competencies as a roadmap, Casella employees are encouraged to pursue targeted training and coaching to succeed and advance. By using a blended learning strategy, we give our people the best opportunity possible to achieve their best, every day.

    The following is a sample of the learning and growth offerings we provide:

    • Emerging Leader Development Program
    • Frontline Leadership Learning Program
    • Operations Leadership Development Program
    • CDL Permit Training Workshops
    • Accredited CDL Training program leading to a CDL Class B License
    • Cooperative education and internship opportunities to academically qualified technical high school students and college students
    • Internship and corporate fellowship opportunities for active duty service members transitioning to civilian careers
    • Career path progression, including vertical career ladders and horizontal career matrices, leading to advanced technical and leadership positions throughout Casella

    Casella’s success is driven by some of the most talented people and teams in our industry. And we believe that promoting a happy and healthy work environment is a big reason why. That’s why we make it a point to offer individual feedback to everyone who works here. We recognize our employees and help them reach their potential because it’s important to create an environment that allows everyone to feel good about what they do.

    Additionally, we recognize, reward, and celebrate our top performers through the Core Values Champion program. Employees are identified for their outstanding contributions to the company and those selected as the best of the best are invited, along with one guest, to participate in an offsite leadership event with senior management.

  • Military

    We don’t just thank our service men and women, we hire them!

    We have a special affinity for our military service members. While our colors may be blue, green, and white, we support those who served the Red, White, and Blue. One out of every thirteen Casella employees has a background of military service. And the support doesn’t end there -- many of our employees have spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other family members that have served or are currently serving in one of the five branches of the military.


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  • Rewards

    Healthy Rewards

    We want you to feel your best at work and at home. Casella offers best-in-class benefits including medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and healthcare reimbursement and flexible spending accounts. We also provide a healthy pregnancy program, and our expecting moms are eligible for 8 weeks of 100% paid maternity leave, short-term disability, and FMLA.

    Wellness Rewards

    Employees, and their family members, have access to free, professional employee assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also provide access to low-cost, licensed mental health providers through our telemedicine provider. Everyone needs to rest and refuel, employees enjoy a generous time off policy including vacation days, personal days, and holidays.

    Financial Rewards

    You contribute to our future, so we contribute to yours. We provide competitive salaries, career path progression, merit increases, and performance-based incentives. Employees receive paid life and AD&D insurance benefits and may elect to purchase short-term and long-term disability insurance at group discounts. We also provide 401(k) retirement savings options with a company match and an employee stock purchase plan at a discount through payroll deduction after 6 months of eligible service. Employees and their spouses can earn up to $600 a year toward medical premium costs by taking specific steps to be more engaged in their health. Finally, employees are eligible for employee purchase discounts on waste collection, Verizon Mobile, Ford Motor Company, and personal computers to name just a few.

    Community Rewards

    Casella, together with our employees, makes significant, positive impacts in the communities we serve through our charitable giving. By donating to organizations that support the people and communities we serve, we take pride in knowing our collective donations of time, money, and resources have a profound impact. Employees are encouraged to volunteer for and donate to the community organizations that matter the most to them.

    Career Rewards

    Casella believes that every employee should have a clear and compelling pathway for learning, development, and growth. Our employees are empowered to pursue targeted training and coaching to succeed and advance. We provide in-house development programs for employees at all levels as well as a comprehensive career path progression program that includes both vertical and horizontal career ladders. Full-time employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement for job-related graduate and undergraduate degrees and certifications. We strive to advance our employees internally through our talent renewal programs and encourage movement around the Company to hone best practices and strengthen our shared knowledge. Employees are supported in learning about different areas of the company and identifying the direction they’d like to steer their Casella career path.

  • Sustainability

    At our core, we are a leading provider of environmental sustainability services. Our biennial Sustainability Report describes our work with our customers to create value from their waste streams, to improve the sustainability of our own operations, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to build strong people and relationships to fundamentally change the way society views waste and resources.


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