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We don’t just thank our service men and women, we hire them!

We have a special affinity for our military service members. While our colors may be blue, green, and white, we support those who served the Red, White, and Blue. One out of every thirteen Casella employees has a background of military service. And the support doesn’t end there -- many of our employees have spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other family that have served or are currently serving in one of the five branches of the military.

Casella recognizes the commitment and dedication it takes to serve our country, and we value the sense of purpose, self-discipline, and leadership skills the military has instilled in you. We are passionate about attracting, hiring, engaging, and retaining the extraordinary veterans who serve(d) our country and have given Casella the freedom to succeed.

“Casella is dedicated to hiring Veterans, guard and reserve members, and military spouses and giving them opportunities for meaningful growth and development while doing important work. We could not fulfill our mission if not for the sacrifices and dedication of our military men and women. Our core values align with the ideals our service members uphold – service, trust, responsibility, integrity, continuous improvement, and teamwork. We appreciate their selfless service and unwavering commitment, and we are honored to have an opportunity to welcome them onto our Casella team.”
-John W. Casella, Chairman & CEO

We invite you to explore our job postings and discover where you can begin the next chapter of your career with Casella.