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Landfill Gas to Energy

The majority of our landfills convert landfill gas into energy by burning methane that produces electricity to be placed on the grid. Today we produce enough electricity to power over 30,000 homes annually.

Casella Organics®

Casella Organics® provides world-class removal, transportation, recycling, processing, and marketing of organic resources – including short paper fiber, ash, wood wastes, food wastes, biosolids, and compost. The company operates composting, renewable energy and manufacturing facilities. For nearly 30 years, Casella Organics has helped clients build, manage, and maintain sustainable and effective waste solutions.

First On-Farm Anaerobic Digester in Massachusetts

Casella Organics operates the first farm-based anaerobic digester in the state of Massachusetts that co-digests manure and source separated organics. Anaerobic digestion produces renewable energy and fertilizer – recovering both power and valuable nutrients from the "recycled" residuals. In the spring of 2014, we will be operating a second farm-based digester, also in Massachusetts. We provide full-service collection, transportation, and digestion of food scraps and residues throughout the Northeast.

CNG Truck Fleet

In 2010, Casella purchased its first CNG (compressed natural gas) refuse truck. The truck was initially fueled at the City of Burlington Public Work’s CNG fueling station while the company built its own station at a nearby facility. Today, Casella owns over three dozen CNG trucks and to-date has displaced over 400,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Casella also owns and operates 4 CNG filling stations.

First Zero-Sort® Recycling Facilities in the Northeast

Casella established the first Zero-Sort recycling facilities in the states of Massachusetts, New York and Vermont and today renews over 600,000 tons of recyclables each year. Zero-Sort recycling, Casella's trademarked single-stream recycling system, helps customers and communities reduce costs and ease participation by placing all recyclable materials into a single bin. Casella then sorts the materials in state-of-the-art processing facilities and prepares them to be remarketed.