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Customer Care

  • General

  • What is the best placement for my containers?

    The proper placement for your curbside containers can be found here.

  • I saw Casella placing both trash and recycling in the same truck. Are the materials being mixed together?

    Great question! On many of our routes, Casella operates what are known as split-body trucks. With a split-body truck, the trash and Zero-Sort recycling are dumped into the same opening on the truck but are separated by different compartments. These modernized vehicles keep the trash and recycling separate and facilitate the collection of both materials on the same trip. 

  • Billing

  • If I cancel my service or place my account on hold prior to the last pickup of the month, will I receive a credit?

    Our billing is monthly so if you have any service during the month you will be billed for the entire month.   

  • Recycling

  • What is Zero-Sort recycling?

    Zero-Sort recycling is Casella's state-of-the-art process, which enables all recyclables - paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal cans to be collected in one container eliminating the need for you to separate recyclables.

    Click here to download our complete guide to recycling. 

  • Casella Organics

  • Where can I buy earthlife products?

    We specialize in the delivery of full truckloads of material to farms, fields, garden centers and construction sites.  earthlife products for home and small business usage are found at a variety of garden and landscape centers throughout New England.  If your local retailer doesn’t carry earthlife, please suggest that they do!