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Chains & Multi-Site Retailers

Restaurants, grocers, convenience stores and retail chains understand that achieving zero waste can enhance their brands, reduce costs and improve profitability.
Customers and communities expect an organization of your size to lead the way in reducing and reusing resources. Implementing greener practices provides you the opportunity to set your business apart from the competition.

Let Casella Help You

For many businesses throughout the U.S., Casella is the partner of choice when it comes to effectively managing complex waste system needs. And, we can provide you with one easy-to-understand invoice and a single 24/7 customer care contact for all of your locations.

Casella is licensed (registration number 474557) with the New York City Business Integrity Commission as a trade waste broker.

Our team can partner with you to...

  • Integrate your waste systems across all locations while managing your budget by increasing recycling and diversion
  • Create higher efficiencies in the collection, transportation and disposal of waste by consolidating where possible, right-sizing containers and schedules while applying best practices across all of your locations
  • Ensure transparency and enable reporting to key stakeholders
Waste Services
Trash collection and disposal. Rental, sales and service of equipment including dumpsters, compactors and balers.
Resource Management Services
Resource management best practices consulting and implementation. Detailed reporting and zero waste action planning.
Diversion Services
Zero-Sort® recycling, source-separated recycling, electronic recycling, organics, composting and anaerobic digestion.
Special Waste Services
Safe and cost effective handling of special wastes including universal waste, asbestos, contaminated soils and PCB bulk waste.