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If you're like most, your institution is held to the highest standards by many stakeholders including students, faculty, alumni, administration and your community demanding conformance with sustainability practices.
As a result, colleges, universities and schools today are leading the way in implementing sustainability programs.

Let Casella Help You

Casella has partnered with over 70 colleges and universities throughout the Northeast to help turn the latest resource management theories into proven, innovative practices.

Our team can partner with you to...

  • Manage your waste and recycling budget effectively by  developing a zero waste action plan
  • Create higher efficiencies in the collection and management of your waste and recycling by consolidating to one integrated system that works for all stakeholders including athletics, dining, facilities, administration and housing
  • Attain visible results and integrate sustainability into your culture and curriculum
  • Ensure transparency and enable reporting to key internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide recycling education and communication to students, athletics, dining and more
  • Improve recycling at special events like athletics, graduation, homecoming and reunions
  • Support move-in / move-out by maximizing diversion

Case Studies

Casella In Action

Cornell University Case Study
Cornell has saved 14.9% per year in service fees alone as well as reduced fuel consumption.
Skidmore College Case Study
Skidmore is well on its way to the campus recycling rate goal of 40%.
Waste Services
Trash collection and disposal. Rental, sales and service of equipment including dumpsters, compactors and balers.
Resource Management Services
Resource management best practices consulting and implementation. Detailed reporting and zero waste action planning.
Diversion Services
Zero-Sort® recycling, source-separated recycling, electronic recycling, organics, composting and anaerobic digestion.
Special Waste Services
Safe and cost effective handling of special wastes including universal waste, asbestos, contaminated soils and PCB bulk waste.