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Casella employees make decisions and solve customer problems every day. We make good decisions for our business, customers, and communities when we adhere to our mission and core values, which provide a shared framework within which to apply our individual skills and strengths to solve problems.


To create value by renewing and sustaining our resources and our environment.

Core Values


We win when we help others.
We are willing servants. We are sensitive to needs and are eager to be a resource to everyone around us, being generous with our time, talent and energy.


We excel when we assume the best in each other.
Mutual respect and an open, honest environment mark our interactions with others. We acknowledge each other’s contributions, we practice active listening, and we deliver on our promises.


We succeed when we balance our freedom to act with a sense of accountability.
We invest deeply in creativity, autonomy and the willingness to take risks. We recognize these investments bear the greatest fruit when exercised within a framework of disciplined boundaries.


We thrive when we do the right thing.
We believe there are enduring principles for everything we do and we strive, in our words and deeds, to meet or exceed those standards.


We prosper when we learn, understand and improve.
We create opportunities for human talent to thrive. We share what we’ve learned. We apply the lessons we learn every day to the goal of getting better and better at everything we do.


We're more effective when we work together.
Our impact is consistently stronger when we respect, support and view each other as partners.

Core Values Champions